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The benefits of a wellness treatment

Spending a day in complete relaxation can certainly be revitalising and captivating, but not everyone is aware of the real benefits a wellness routine can bring, on both the mental and the physical level.

Is there a specific routine to follow?

The most committed spa visitors known that the ideal way to begin their wellness routine is in the Turkish bath. Thanks to its high 45 °C internal temperature and 100% humidity, it encourages pore dilation and the resulting elimination of toxins, cleansing and improving blood flow. Additionally, after just 10 minutes in the Turkish bath, your body will begin to relax, ready to fully enjoy the whole routine. The second step, after the Turkish bath, is the sauna. Before beginning the sauna, a cold shower is always recommended, followed by a rest in the relaxation area, quenching your thirst with an herbal tea.


Just 10 minutes in the Finnish sauna help to experience mental and physical wellness. This dry environment, with a temperature of up to 90 °C, cleanses the skin, improves the oxygenation of the blood vessels, boosts the immune system and is highly recommended for rheumatism sufferers. If these temperatures seem excessive, the same benefits can be experienced in the bio sauna, where the temperature is lower and the environment is less dry. Again, after this second step in your wellness routine, relaxing and taking on fluids is strongly recommended.

Of course, both the sauna and the Turkish bath are pleasant places, but do require a certain stamina. Those people who are unused to such temperatures can relax in the sensory showers, with aromas and colours that help to reduce stress and cleanse the mind.

Colour therapy remains an important factor in all the spas, with not only sensory showers but also colour therapy pools: each colour used in the pool is associated with a particular state of mind, ensuring relaxation and wellness.



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